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Bennett Pologe, Ph.D. I am a clinical psychologist—have a look at credentials to see just what that means and why it’s important—licensed in New York state. Over the years, I’ve managed to work with just about every kind of patient there is. I’ve worked in city, state, and private hospitals, in community mental health centers, foster care agencies, schools, nursing homes, the VA system, and Head Start. I did a stint on cable television as a relationship consultant, I’ve published some clinical research and a book.

I have many interests but psychology is and always was my first love. When I was six I watched my best friend and our first grade teacher argue in front of the class about whether my buddy had done his homework. I didn't have the vocabulary but at some level understood the ego battle going on - that both these people were too smart to be saying the things they did, but neither could back down in front of the group - and it fascinated me. Half a century later, exploring what we humans do and why we do it, in all our glory, obstinacy, and silliness, is still for me great adventure and great fun. Most important, as you'll see in these pages, the process works; people really do get better.

My office is at
330 West 58th street suite 204 in Manhattan
I can be reached at
Tel: 212-774-9499 (all messages kept strictly confidential)
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