George - II

(You might need to have a look at George if you donít recall this man.) I did not come up with my ideas about George's true problems by dipping into a secret bag of esoteric and abstruse psychological tenets. They came from very concrete facts.

1) The test results.
2) The pattern of George's complaints about his memory coming just at the moment when he, or anyone, might feel even slightly "on the spot". 
3) My irritation, which I have learned tells me I'm feeling subtly controlled, especially in contrast with Georgeís presentation as helpless. 
4) George's burst of energy, insight, and memories as we began to discuss this possibility that "memory loss" was really a cry of anxiety. 
5) The improvement in George's memory, i.e. the abating of the symptom.
In deciding whether or not psychotherapy is working for you, these last two points are crucial. You should be experiencing symptom relief and this kind of epiphany, of "aha!", on a regular basis. Otherwise, why go?

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