Hypnosis is a useful adjunct to treatment but it is not psychotherapy in itself; don’t expect miracles. You rarely recover whole areas of forgotten experience, visit past lives, or quit smoking solely by using hypnosis. There are only a few situations where you would want to go straight to a hypnotist. If you specifically want to recover a forgotten experience, a hypnotherapist might be able to help. Also, if you are in psychotherapy and want to see if such things as post-hypnotic suggestion (telling yourself to be calm, for example, in tense situations) can help, try it.

Bear in mind that a good hypnotherapist must first be a good psychotherapist. If you are going to pursue this kind of treatment, go to someone with the credentials and qualities you want from your psychotherapist. A better plan, I believe, is to find the best psychotherapist you can. Then, and only then, discuss with the therapist the use of hypnosis in addition. And again try to get a referral directly from someone you know and trust.

Psychological Testing

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