About Dr. Pologe

I am a clinical psychologist in practice since 1990. B.A. from Columbia University, M.A. and Ph.D. from Fordham University. Over the years, I’ve managed to work with just about every kind of patient there is. I’ve consulted in hospitals, community mental health centers, foster care agencies, schools, nursing homes, Head Start programs, and the courts (I’ve testified about 100 times in cases usually surrounding custody and visitation, sometimes other matters.) Most important to me, and probably to you reading this, I’ve conducted at least 35,000 psychotherapy sessions; and I still love it.

Bennett Pologe, PhD

I’ve published research and did a stint on cable television as a relationship consultant, but I’m most proud of the book that came out in 2016:

. . “Stop Lying” on Amazon . . “Stop Lying” on Barnes & Noble

Media appearances

Blog : An ongoing discussion of all things psychological, from therapy sessions as well as daily life. You will also find many case examples there.

In the blog and throughout this website, I’ve of course disguised the identities of the people I discuss, changing names and relevant details to protect their privacy. All have given me permission to write about them.