Welcome. If you’ve clicked to this site, you’re either looking for a psychologist or for information about psychotherapy. Both are here. I’m Dr. Pologe, a clinical psychologist practicing in New York City. My office is on west 58th street, near Columbus Circle in Manhattan, but in this age of COVID I am mostly working remotely, conducting sessions online. Psychotherapy over the internet works just fine, I should add. I’ve been doing it for years with people who either travel a great deal or who live out of the area. I see adults of all ages, adolescents, and couples. People come to me with a wide range of problems and concerns. For more about who I am and how I work, please read About Me.

People reach out to me with a wide range of “presenting problems”: Anxiety problems including obsessing, phobias, panic, nightmares, PTSD, and more; depression including bipolar conditions, mild to severe depressions; drug/alcohol abuse; marital discord; relationship problems; decisions of all kinds; sexual concerns; career problems; and many many more. If I can build the right relationship with the person, psychotherapy will work with any of these. Many published studies have shown this to be true, and it’s been my happy experience in my office over three decades of practice. What determines success or failure in psychotherapy is the relationship the therapist can establish, regardless of what approach is used or what the diagnosis is. This may sound startling, but it’s true. And at its best, psychotherapy becomes not only about symptom relief but a rewarding, productive, and exciting experience. For more about how this happens, about what psychotherapy is, what it isn’t, and how it works, please start at Why Go?